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PearlsOnly Tahitian Set

Tahitian Set

Any one of our Tahitian Sets will add the right touch of class to any outfit in your wardrobe that you choose to wear it with. The perfect accessory for you to wear when going out for the evening or just having a fun lunch with your friends. Our genuine collection of Tahitian Pearl Sets will be perfect for when wearing when you want to stand out from the crowd.
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Tahitian Set Buying Tips

Did You Know?

Tahitian pearls present awide variety of shapes.They can bebaroque-shaped, which is the universal term for the unique asymmetrical shapes presented by some pearls,drop-shaped, circled, off round and perfectly round.

Round Tahitian pearls are some ofthe most sought-after gems on the market because they are simply flawless.Theshape of the pearl is perfectly roundand the surface is free of any dents or scratches.

Tahitian pearls are luxury items because they are considerably larger than the vast majority of pearls on the market. With sizes up to 17mm and a record of 26.96mm, Tahitian pearls are far larger than the popular Freshwater pearls and the delicate Akoya pearls.

Tahitian pearl sets bear aspecial type of elegance that can highlight the delicate nature of the wearer. While they are easily noticeable, they have the amazing ability to depict the wearer as graceful and poised. They are extremely adaptable and they can be worn for a wide range of events and occasions.

  1. Personal Style

Casual, Everyday Wear

Our Tahitian pearl sets can be paired withsimple casual attireand they will enable the wearer to look effortlessly elegant because they are excellent luxury items.


These amazing pearl sets are theperfect accessory for any party outfitbecause they can add that fine touch of sophistication that all great party looks need.

Formal Events And Business Meetings

Tahitian pearls are always thebest choice when it comes to formal eventsbecause they are the embodiment of elegance, refinement, and luxury. They can be paired with business suits, as well as, evening gowns and the results will be spectacular every time.

  1. Wearer’s Build


Tahitian pearl sets combine the best black pearls on the market with delicate diamonds or cubic zirconia. This timeless combinationwill highlight the unpaired grace of a petite figure.


Medium-sized women look their best in skirts and dresses, which make these pearl sets the perfect accessories for them. Thesophisticated texture of the pearland the brightness of the diamonds will make these outfits shine.

Larger Than Average

Luxurious Tahitian pearl sets can accentuate the delicate nature of a beautiful woman’s curves, so they are amazing accessories. Wearing a Tahitian pearl set withlarger size pearls will really help to add a real touch of elegance, sophistication, and refinementto any outfit that such women choose to wear.