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PearlsOnly Tahitian Pendant

Tahitian Pendant

PearlsOnly is able to offer you the widest selection of genuine Tahitian Pendant designs that are perfect when you really want to stand out from the crowd. It isn’t only their size but their iridescent colours that make these pieces of jewelry so popular with women today.
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Tahitian Pendant Buying Tips

Did You Know?

It takes 22-28 months for the giant black-lipped oyster to produce Tahitian pearls.

Tahitian pearls only come in shades of black and they are easily recognizable by their unique metallic and satiny sheen. Freshwater and Akoya pearls need to be dyed in order to reach such rich shades of black.

Aside from the fact that they come in most sought-after color, Tahitian pearls are also naturally very large, which makes them a true luxury item.

The vast majority of Tahitian pearls are produced in French Polynesia. The country specializes in pearl farms and Tahitian pearls are the most luxurious products they have available.

Tahitian pearl pendants are strikingly beautiful. They allow a single pearl to steal the limelight, which is why they are the jewelry items that can be worn both during daytime and in the evening. Take into consideration these pointers when choosing the perfect Tahitian pearl pendant for you.

  1. Stringing

There are a few options you can choose from when it comes to stringing.

Sterling Silver

With an affordable price point, Tahitian pearl pendants set in sterling silver are delicate and feminine. The metal makes the jewelry item an excellent choice for semi-formal daytime outfits. Sterling silver is also a great alternative for those who are looking for a sweet sixteen or graduation gift.

Yellow Gold

A more refined choice, yellow gold creates a gorgeous contrast with the lush black pearl. Tahitian pearl pendants that comprise yellow gold stringing will match darker toned women who are attending cocktail parties and business events. This jewelry item is bound to draw attention, especially if the gemstone is medium to large.

White Gold

If you are looking for a statement piece of jewelry for special occasions, a Tahitian pearl pendant is the safest bet. White gold stringing makes the pendant even more valuable, suitable for evening wear and fashionable gowns.

  1. Pearl Size

All Tahitian pearls are extremely refined and distinguished. However, their size is an important factor to consider before purchase.


Tahitian pearl pendants with a medium-sized gemstone can be worn with office attire and at formal events. The pendant can be accessorized with other matching jewelry items.


Pendants with large Tahitian pearls look opulent and expensive. Choose this type of Tahitian pendant if you are looking for a party accessory to match other black pearl jewelry. Statement jewelry is where Tahitian pearls get to truly glow because they are the largest pearls available on the market.