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PearlsOnly Freshwater Pearl Pendant

Freshwater Pearl Pendant

Our beautiful collection Freshwater Pearl Pendants is proving increasingly popular with women of all ages because they come in a variety of different colours and styles. Plus as you will soon discover as you look closely at our collection they are also available at affordable costs.
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Freshwater Pearl

White Pendants

Any one of our White Freshwater Pearl Pendants would make a truly special gift for any woman who loves wearing pearls.

Freshwater Pearl

Black Pendants

As you look at our collection of Black Freshwater Pearl Pendants you will see that they combine the opulence of the gem with the simplicity of a chain.

Freshwater Pearl

Lavender Pendants

Our beautiful collection of Lavender Freshwater Pearl Pendants will make the perfect accessory in any woman’s wardrobe.

Freshwater Pearl

Pink Pendants

Take the time to explore our very understated but beautiful selection of Pink Freshwater Pearl Pendants now!

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Freshwater Pearl Pendant Buying Tips

Freshwater Pearl Pendants are a simple way to accessorize your daytime outfits. The wide range of options includes different colors, lengths, and metals. Consider these buying tips to make sure your purchase is perfect.

  1. Color

The beauty of Freshwater pearl pendants is their generous array of colors, at affordable price points. Here is how you can decide what shade suits you.


Delicate lavender hues are the best matches for olive or tanned skin tones. This color will look amazing with simple daytime outfits, especially with turtleneck sweaters and t-shirts.


Complexions with cool undertones are best suited with pink pearls. The warm colored Freshwater pearl pendant is a must-have accessory for ladies who have a casual, relaxed style.


The classic white pearl pendant is one of the most versatile jewelry items. Perfect for both daytime and evening wear, this Freshwater pearl pendant won’t overwhelm your outfits, but subtly emphasize its beauty.


A feminine accessory for semi-formal and formal events, the Freshwater pearl pendant with a black stone looks gorgeous against white blouses and buttoned-up silk shirts. Large pearls are truly impressive and can make a subtle fashion statement.

  1. Stringing

Gold or silver is a matter of personal taste, but also a matter of occasion.

Sterling Silver

The perfect choice for young pearl wearers, Freshwater pearl pendants with silver sterling stringing will go nicely with playful, daytime attire.

Yellow Gold

Businesswomen can choose yellow gold stringing for their Freshwater pearl pendant. The jewelry item will look professional and will complement formal outfits.

White Gold

For a jewelry item reserved for special occasions, white gold stringing is the perfect option. Freshwater pearl pendants will polish off elegant gowns in an instant.

So there is so much more to know about Freshwater pearls rather than just their size, color, and shape. A Freshwater pearl pendant is something to be worn and treasured and is a piece of jewelry that will remain in fashion throughout the rest of your life and maybe throughout your daughter’s life as well.