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PearlsOnly Akoya Pearl Rings

Akoya Pearl Rings

Our wide selection of beautiful Akoya Pearl Rings here at Pearls Only means that you will not have any difficulty finding one that suits your taste and personality. Our wide array of different colours and designs means you really will find yourself spoilt for choice.
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Japanese Akoya Pearl

White Rings

Each of our beautiful White Akoya Pearl Rings looks great whether worn with casual clothes or more elegant eveningwear.

Japanese Akoya Pearl

Black Rings

Explore our very unique and beautiful collection of Black Akoya Pearl Rings to add a little uniqueness to your outfit.

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Akoya Pearl Rings Buying Tips

Value Factors For Japanese Akoya Pearls


Japanese Akoya pearls are considerably more valuable than Freshwater pearlsbecause their shape is very round.


Japanese Akoya pearls display a perfect luster, which sets them apart from their contenders. They aremore expensive than Freshwater pearls, but the quality of the specimens is immensely superior.

Surface Quality

The surface of Japanese Akoya pearls is extremelyneat and shiny. This is why blemishes are almost impossible to identify.

Origin And Certification

The Japanese pearl industry abides by theJPEA(Japan Pearl Exporters’ Association), which provides these pearls with a very high standard of quality.

Japanese Akoya rings comprise genuinepearls set in high-quality metals. An essential accessory for all women, pearl rings never go out of style and effortlessly match all outfits. These tips will help you make the perfect purchase.

  1. Color


White Japanese Akoyaringssymbolize sophistication. If you want to invest in a ring that you will be able to wear time and time again, you won’t regret acquiring this jewelry item. From casual outfits with jeans and t-shirt to elegant gowns, the white Japanese Akoya ring will beautify your attire in the blink of an eye without overtaking your unique sense of fashion.


For atrue fashion statement, choose ablack Japanese Akoya ring. The sophisticated black pearl is set in sterling silver to create a beautiful jewelry item. This can be worn with daytime outfits when the rest of the accessories are minimal and with evening attire when it is matched with other black Japanese Akoya pearl jewelry.

  1. Occasion


Pearls are always agreat gift for a birthday. Regardless of their age, women appreciate real pearls for their timeless beauty and amazing versatility. A simple white Japanese Akoya pearl ring suits all tastes and fashion styles.


To mark thespecial event, gift a unique black pearl ring set in silver. Modern and sophisticated, it will be easy to pair this jewelry item with other silver accessories or pearl jewelry.


Japanese Akoya pearl rings are the perfect candidates forengagement jewelry. Sophisticated and striking, a 9mm white pearl surrounded by tiny diamonds set in 14k white gold suits elegant women who pay close attention to the smallest of details.