Tahitian Pearl Rings

Black Tahitian Pearl Rings
Black Tahitian
Pearl Rings
Luxuriously large and top quality Tahitian cultured pearls . Accompanied with top class diamonds and golden or silver bands, they guarantee a luxurious appearance in every occasion. A breathtaking look for breathtaking moments.
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Did you know?

  • Tahitian pearls are the largest type of pearls available on the jewellery market. These natural pearls come in sizes as large as 18mm, which makes them extremely valuable gems.
  • The natural color of Tahitian pearls is black, which is very rare. Most other types of pearls need to be dyed in order to get that perfect shade of black, but Tahitian ones have it naturally.
  • Tahitian pearls are baroque shaped, drop-shaped, circled, off-round, and round. The round ones are of a very high quality and they usually come in large sizes as well, which makes them a true luxury item.
  • French Polynesia is the largest producer of Tahitian pearls in the whole world. More than half of the economy of the country is comprised of pearl production and exports.

Tahitian Pearl rings look truly impressive. They combine the timeless elegance of the black pearl, shimmering diamonds, and sophisticated 14k white gold. These buying tips will help you choose the perfect one.


  • Engagement – Tahitian pearl rings are the best candidates for an engagement ring. Refined and sophisticated, they can be worn both with casual outfits and formal attire. The classy woman who pays attention to details will fall in love with this luxury ring. The tiny diamonds add even more value, making this item of jewellery reflect the light beautifully.
  • Graduation – a thoughtful gift, the Tahitian pearl ring will make any young lady proud to add it to her wardrobe. Tahitian pearls are sophisticated and distinguished luxury items. They perfectly suit young wearers, helping them polish off their outfits and look professional in an instant.
  • Mother’s Day – show your gratitude with the help of this gorgeous luxury jewellery. The Tahitian pearl ring is a great accessory for mature women since it enhances their natural beauty. The 14k white gold is a precious metal that will be appreciated by connoisseurs. At the same time, the small diamonds add an extra touch of refinement to this piece of jewellery, making it perfect for special events and evening attire.
Grace Ring
Tahitian8 - 9 mm
Market price: £2399
Our price: £479
save: 80%
Caroline Ring
Tahitian8 - 9 mm
Market price: £2479
Our price: £495
save: 80%
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