Pearls in School



Don't miss on this AMAZING opportunity

PearlOnly™ is launching a ‘Pearls in School’ program with a goal to educate children in the amazing process that is pearl culturing and oyster life cycle. This is an amazing opportunity for your class to experience pearls in an exciting new way.

Our experts at PearlsOnly have prepared a series of lesson plans carefully structured for children in different parts of the world and different grades(age). Your students will have a chance to learn about the oyster and the fascinating process that is pearl creation. We would be thrilled to share the amazing world of pearls with you and your students.

We also offer lesson plans created for United States and Australia curriculum.

This is how it works:


We are offering the PearlKit for FREE, with the packages prepared by PearlsOnly staff volunteers. We only ask for the schools to cover the cost of shipping.

The kit costs £19.00 and consists of:
  • 30 pouches of 5 pearls each;
  • 30 PearlsinSchool Care Cards;
  • 1 Storage pouch for pearls;
  • 30 Certificates of Accomplishment


When you receive the package:

The kit contains:
  • Download and print the lesson plan appropriate for your class;
  • Feel free to change it to meet your needs;

Have fun exploring the wonderful world of Pearls with your students.

*Please Note

PearlsinSchool program was initially offered for free with PearlsOnly covering the shipping costs. However, due to an overwhelming response - over 2000 requests - we need to modify it slightly to be able to continue this program for everyone.
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