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Chinese Akoya Pearls

Chinese Akoya Pearls
Chinese Akoya
Pearl Jewellery
Top quality pearls at affordable prices. At a price point of 1/2 of Japanese Akoya this jewellery is a fantastic value. Why not save some money while looking absolutely gorgeous. These items are some of our most popular sellers.
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Chinese Akoya Pearls vs. Japanese Akoya Pearls

  • Both Chinese and Japanese Akoya pearls are produced by the Pinctada fucata oyster that provides them with their name.
  • The production process is the same for both types of Akoya pearls but due to the fact that the waters are warmer in China, these pearls can thrive.
  • The excellent growth conditions in Chinese waters make the nacre grow much faster. This is the main reason why the prices for Chinese Akoya pearls are considerably more accessible than those for the Japanese ones.
  • Japanese Akoya pearls take longer to grow but the quality of their surface is superior to that of Chinese Akoya pearls.

Chinese Akoya Pearls - Value Factors

  • Shape - Chinese Akoya pearls are nucleated and this provides them with their impressive round shapes.
  • Luster - Chinese Akoya pearls display an exemplary luster, which increases their value in the jewellery market.
  • Color - White Chinese Akoya pearls are a symbol of elegance and sophistication. This is the most popular type of pearl because of its accessible price and its impeccable quality.

Chinese Akoya Pearls are affordable, however, their beauty is not compromised. With a high luster, these quickly grown pearls are the ideal choice for everyday wear. If you are looking to add an elegant touch to your wardrobe, here are more reasons to choose Chinese Akoya Pearls.

  1. Premium quality
    A true rival for Japanese Akoya Pearls, Chinese Pearls are elegant, subtle and feminine. Their premium quality can be noticed at a single glance. PearlsOnly offer their buyers additional features for a unique shopping experience.
    • Free appraisal certificate – in a sea of online resources selling Chinese Akoya Pearls, it’s important to keep an eye out for authenticity and quality certificates. All PearlsOnly items are accompanied by a free Certificate of Authenticity issued by an experienced pearl expert. The certificate attests and describes the technical details of the pearls, so the buyers can rest assured they are purchasing real gemstones.
    • Gorgeous presentation – even if the acquired pearls are not meant to be gifted, their presentation is an important part of the unboxing process. Chinese Akoya Pearl necklaces come with a free storage satchel that will keep the piece of jewellery protected when it’s not being worn, ensuring its longevity. All pearls also come beautifully wrapped up, accompanied by five free pearls that are meant to prove the beauty of imperfections.
  2. Outstanding price-quality value
    A budget friendly alternative for Japanese Akoya, Chinese pearls owe their competitive prices to their fast growth, good luster and almost perfectly round shape. 
    • Luster – Chinese Akoya Pearls have a great luster that ranges from A-AA+. This means their surface is clean and they have a smooth texture. Imperfections are rare and generally only noticeable from up close. Pearls’ luster is what makes them beautiful. They can brighten up any complexion and instantly elevate casual outfits.
    • Shape – Akoya Chinese Pearls are medium sized (6-8mm) and have a nearly perfect round shape. This makes them the ideal pearl choice for creating elegant strands, be it a 16-inch choker or an 18-inch princess necklace.
6-7mm A+ Quality Chinese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace in White
Chinese Akoya6 - 7 mm
Market price: £1039
Our price: £229
save: 78%
7-8mm A+ Quality Chinese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace in White
Chinese Akoya7 - 8 mm
Market price: £1379
Our price: £275
save: 80%
6-7mm AA+ Quality Chinese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace in White
Chinese Akoya6 - 7 mm
Market price: £1519
Our price: £305
save: 80%
7-8mm AA+ Quality Chinese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace in White
Chinese Akoya7 - 8 mm
Market price: £1939
Our price: £389
save: 80%
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