FAQ - How do I Select a Bracelet Length?


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For a snugly fitting bracelet, measure your wrist and add an extra quarter of an inch. Finally, round this number up to the nearest half inch. For a loosely fitting bracelet, add an extra 1 inch and then simply round up or down to the nearest half inch. For example, if your wrist circumference is 7.2 inches and you want a snug fit, then a bracelet with a length of 7.5cm will be suitable, while for a looser fit you can choose between 8cm and 8.5cm lengths. To customize the length of your chosen bracelet, simply scroll halfway down your browser page to the Customize Your Bracelet box. Using the arrow beneath its Bracelet Length option, adjust to the required length. All final measurements include the clasp of the bracelet for a true fit.

Please visit our Bracelet Length Guide for additional detail.