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Pearl Grading

Quality Guide Overview

When purchasing pearls it is important to know and understand the various grades of pearls and what they mean. Whether shopping and comparing
against a retail store or other pearl dealers
, our guide will provide you with the details you will need to make an informed decision.

Quality Guide Overview

PearlsOnly uses the AAAA Pearl Quality Grading System to offer our customers the highest value,
quality and protection for their purchase.The AAAA system is ideally suited for internet pearl retail
business, as it stipulates that the retailer must disclose the rating of individual value factors of the
pearl such as luster, shape, surface and nacre.

By providing this detailed information, the system
allows the consumer to make an informed buying decision.In addition the AAAA Pearl Quality Grading
System assures top value, by assigning the overall grade of the pearls by their lowest value factor grading.

Amazing Quality

PearlsOnly is a F2C (Farm to Consumer) company - we purchase raw pearls
by pound or by hanks (30-40 strands in a hank) direct from the pearl farms
or pearl processors. It is by being so close to the source of the pearls that
we are able to secure the best pearls, the pearls of the utmost quality for our customers.

Amazing Savings

When you choose your pearls from PearlsOnly you are bypassing
layers and layers of markup and costs added to the price of the
pearls in the retail and other Internet stores. It is by offering a direct sales
model that we are able to keep our overhead costs low and pass the huge savings to you.

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