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Bracelet Length Guide

This bracelet length guide can help you find the perfect fit regardless
of the specific bracelet design that you choose.

Measuring the Bracelet

You can wrap the measurement tape around your wrist, just below your wrist bone and measure the length.

You can also measure the hand, where it is the broadest, to ensure that the bracelet doesn’t roll across the hand.

Add one to one and a half inches to your measurement in order to make sure that the bracelet you purchase will fit you comfortably.

Breclet length guide
Bracelet measurement for hand Hand Measurement
Bracelet measurement for wrist Wrist Measurement

Standard Bracelet Sizes

Standard bracelet sizes are listed as extra small, small, medium, large, extra large or petite, medium, large, plus size, and anklet. Men’s and children’s sizes will be listed differently.

Women bracelet sizes Men bracelet sizes Children bracelet sizes
Women Bracelet Sizes Men Bracelet Sizes Children Bracelet Sizes

Adjusting Measurements

Adjusting pearls bracelets Adjusting bangle bracelets Adjusting string & thread bracelets
Pearl Bracelets
Larger pearls require you to extend the length of the bracelet by 1 to 2’’.
Bangle Bracelets
Have no clasp & must be slid directly on the wrist without the possiblity of openig them.
String & Thread Bracelets
Check for the length of string for friendship bracelet or knitted bracelet designs.
Adjusting cuff bracelets Adjusting gemstone bracelets
Cuff Bracelets
Cuff braceltes do not have a clasp but they are not as rigid as bangle bracelets
Gemstone Bracelets
Gemstone bracelets are usually fitted with one of several clasp designs.
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