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Tahitian Pearl Shapes

Tahitian Pearl Shapes

Lustrous Tahitians are best known for their large, round and dark pearls. However less than 40% are round. Their shapes from symmetrical to baroque are also prized.

As these pearls are significantly larger, each of the shape's differences are more pronounced. In addition it takes approximately five years from collection to pearl harvesting, As a result, each pearl is valued greatly.
Tahitian Pearl Shapes - Pearls Only

Round Tahitian Pearls

The most famous is the large and very round Tahitian pearl. These are most prized by collectors.
Round Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Baroque Tahitian Pearls

Baroque Tahitians are not symmetrical and have a various unique shapes. Their uniqueness make them prized by some collectors.
Baroque Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Off-Round Tahitian Pearls

The next shape is the off-round pearl. These can seem round to the first or fast glance. However, on closer examination the off-roundness can be detected.
Off-Round Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Drop Tahitian Pearls

Drop pearls are symmetrical with one end elongated like a drop of water. Drop pearls are preferred for necklace enhancer's, earrings or pendants - where a single pearl is highlighted.
Drop Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Circled Tahitian Pearls

A subset of a baroque pearl is the circled pearl. These pearls have a grooves or rings that runs all the way around the pearl. These circles allow the pearl to pickup and reflect extra color and light.
Circled Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

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