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Tahitian Pearl Colors

Tahitian Pearl Colors

Tahitian pearls are more easily noticeable as a result of their darker colors and metallic shine. Some of the pearls also display a highly desired prismatic or rainbow effect called orient. Next, the overtone is the subtle color the pearl reflects.

Grey Tahitian Pearls

Most of the Tahitian cultured pearls will fall into the range of gray - from dark grays that are almost black to lighter ones that are almost silver.
Grey Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Pistachio Tahitian Pearl

Pistachio describes pearls with lighter yellowish - green shine.
Pistachio Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Silver Tahitian Pearls

A lighter gray or silver Tahitian pearl is less dark than the traditional black. The color is lighter and can allow for a brighter shine.
Silver Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Black Tahitian Pearls

Deep and dark lustrous black is the most recognizable of the Tahitian pearls. Freshwater and Akoya cousins do undergo dye treatments to imitate this natural color.
Black Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Aubergine Tahitian Pearl

Aubergine is the French word for eggplant. This color designation is used to describe pearls with a purple shine.
Aubergine Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

Peacock Tahitian Pearl

Peacock is one of the most valued colors. It is dark green to blue gray with a shine reminiscent of a peacock's tail feathers.
Peacock Tahitian Pearls - Pearls Only

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