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South Sea Pearl Colors

South Sea Pearl Colors

Both white and golden are natural colors of South Sea cultured pearls. Australian cultured pearls tend to favor white while Indonesian ones favor golden. As different regions produce different sizes and colors. It can take longer periods of time to match size and colors for a strand.

Jewelers estimate that to find a matched pair for earrings, they will need to sift through 10,000 individual pearls. As a result there are only a small handful of companies in the world that have access to enough pearls to make a well matched strand.
Natural color South Sea Pearls - Pearls Only

"Black" South Sea Pearls

Some experts consider Tahitian "Black" pearls as a subset of the South Sea pearl. However, the Tahitian Pearl is cultured in a different species of oyster. In appearance, they tend to be darker and their shine more metallic. South Sea pearls tend to be lighter and have an inner glow.

White South Sea Pearls

White South Sea Pearls are more prominent in Australian harvests. Their colors range from brilliant white to a silvery sheen.
White South Sea Pearls - Pearls Only

Golden South Sea Pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls tend to appear more in Indonesian harvests.
Golden South Sea Pearls - Pearls Only

Light and Pearls

As a result of a pearl's makeup, its color can vary slightly under different lighting sources and ambient colors. For example, fluorescent light, an overcast sky and shaded light tends to intensify blues.

Regular incandescent light bulbs as well as a rising or setting sun tend to intensify reds and yellows. For the truest color, choose natural sunlight about midday.

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