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FAQ for Pearl Grading

Frequently Asked Questions for Pearl Grading

Is there a universal grading systems for pearls such as in the diamond industry?
At this time, there is no industry-wide grading system for pearls. PearlsOnly uses the easy to follow AAAA Pearl Quality Grading System.
The AAAA Pearl Quality Grading System offers our customers detailed product information allowing for a informed buying decision.

How do I compare PearlsOnly pearls against other pearls?
When comparing to other grading systems that use the less detailed grading system be sure to check how the pearls rate in these value factors:

  • luster
  • shape
  • surface
  • nacre*

A single value factor grading system that assign a grade like AA to a pearl, without a detailed breakdown does not provide
adequate information about the pearl.

What are the benefits of the AAAA grade system? How does it protect me?

The benefits of the AAAA Pearl Quality Grading System are:
the grading system stipulates that each pearl value factor must be rated the
overall rating of the pearl must be the least grade of all the ratings.
A detailed grading specification can be found on each of PearlsOnly product pages showing detailed information about the item.
The AAAA grading system offers the consumer unprecedented protection since each pearl value factor must be clearly described, allowing
the consumer to make an informed buying decision about the pearls.

Can you give me an example of the AAAA Pearl Quality Grading System?

Yes! Let's for example look at a AA pearl necklace. The value factors for this necklace and ratings areas follow:
Pearls Only AAAA Pearl Quality Grading Sample
These pearls by other grading standards would be called AAA or AA, however to use the AAAA Pearl Quality Grading System, we must use the LOWEST grade in the value factors, hence this whole necklace is graded as AA.

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