Pearl Fashion: Black Tie on the Fly

If you heard it said once, you will hear it a million times…when in doubt, look to your little black dress. Going to a cocktail dinner? Look to the black dress. May be attending a black tie affair? Then the little black dress is necessary. Meeting friends at the club? Yeah, the little black dress works well there too.

Thanks to many of our favorite designers, you can find a cute black dress almost everywhere and in every shape, textures, and with small accents of color and embellishments. There is no excuse to not have a little black dress. read more

PEARLS ON THE RUNWAY: Victoria’s Secrets’ “Pearly Queen”

Victoria’s Secret enthusiasts were all hailing the new Vickie’s collection especially the “Pearly Queen” look worn by top model, Adriana.

The look was appropriately named “Pearly Queen” due to its unique and spectacular design of black undergarments perfectly adorned with 3,000 embroidered pearl buttons. The costume also featured matching sleeves with collar, and a chic hat which was also dazzling with pearls. The look would not be complete without the Vickie’s signature wings.

The costume was debuted during the British invasion section of the show giving the ‘queen’ portion of the name appropriate. read more

PEARLS FASHION: Looking Good In Denim

Who says that you can’t wear your pearls with your denim?

Pearls are not just for business or evening attire; you can wear your pearls day or night and since they are so dressy use them to take your everyday look up a notch by making it classy and chic.

The Canadian Tuxedo, a look that has raised brows but can also be very stylish. A Canadian Tuxedo is when a person wears denim on denim. The image above would be considered a Canadian Tuxedo. Looks great, right?

Consider having lunch with your friends or significant other wearing this snazzy attire. It is always great to style up your Canadian Tuxedo by adding a bright color in your accessories. Red is a color that always goes superbly with the blue fabric. Add a few fancy pearls, especially an uneven layered strand of white pearls and you are dressed to impress. read more


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she shows us that pearls can be unique and ultimately flirty.

Wendy, blogger of her own fashion diary, Wendy’s Lookbook, showcases a darling little black dress and accessorizes appropriately with a quilted clutch, a pearl necklace with awesome lip framing and a great amount of confidence and sophistication. This look is so darling that it really caught our attention.

Take a closer look at the detail of the necklace, amazing. What do you think of this look? read more

PEARLS ON THE RUNWAY: Pearl Chanel Clutch on the Spring 2014 Runway!

No one ever said that pearls have to dangle from only your neck and ears! The iconic designer house that has been known for its relationship with pearls has made it a point to feature the precious stones not just as jewelry but as an accessory. For the Spring of 2014, the beautifully embellished pearl box clutch will make its appearance on the runway. Totally Chic!

It takes a real designer to come up with such a sophisticated and unique clutch. The bag is covered in beautiful white pearls, bordered with daring black legos, and topping it all off with a long pearl strap. I clutch my pearls as I write… too fabulous! read more


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she shows us that pearls can be fun and fabulous.

Serena, blogger of her own fashion and style blog, Serena Saga, shows off her care free and fun style by layering multiple strands of pearls on top of a layered plaid and denim button-down blouse; black leather skirt; red accent clutch, and red and black ankle strap shoes.

More than having great hair, her beautiful smile makes the pearls a sensation!

Take a closer look at the detail of the necklace… totally adorable! read more

Fashionista of the Day in Pearls: @sarahkjp

Not only do we love the name of the blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls, but we also love Sarah’s style which is classy and chic!!! She has a way of displaying her fashionable wears that makes her readers come back for more.

This pink and white combination with added jewels and a gorgeous strand of pearls is just what makes her a snow white dream and a vision of a lovely holiday. Hollywood glam meets a cold winter day. Amazing!

We toast to you Sarah for showing ladies that pearls are also a girl’s best friend! read more