Cultured Pearl Jewelry

Natural pearls are almost never found these days. As a result most pearl jewelry available on the market today are cultured pearl jewelry. Thank goodness for cultured pearl jewelry! Without them most of us would never have the opportunity to have wonderful pearls! Cultured pearl jewelry, in every form from necklaces to earrings and bracelets, is available for jewelry collectors. We owe our access to cultured pearl jewelry to an inventive trio that sought to bring cultured pearls to market during the early 20th Century. Without them, we may have only seen pearls at special museum exhibitions or in paintings from bygone days. Before cultured pearl jewelry, natural pearl jewelry was made from pearls formed by an accident of nature. This happens when a small irritant manages to enter through an oyster or other mollusk’s hard shell. The oyster responds by secreting layer upon of layer of mother of pearl or nacre. After many years, a small pearl may be formed. The natural accident is carefully replicated by a skilled technician. Pearl bearing oysters are carefully nurtured for years. Then, some, but not all, will produce lovely pearls for cultured pearl jewelry. Cultured pearl jewelry has become increasingly popular. From necklaces to earrings and pendants to bracelets, cultured pearl jewelry is perfect for every occasion. Cultured pearl jewelry can also be made in to many exciting custom pieces as well. With so many choices, it is no wonder why women all over the world have chosen cultured pearl jewelry.

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