FAQ - Are my pearls strung too tight?

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Pearl necklaces should always be strung very tightly, as their thread will stretch with use. After your jewelry is worn for a while (the “break-in” period), the thread will gradually relax, allowing your pearl jewelry to lie perfectly against the skin. It is normal for a properly strung strand of pearls to lie a bit wavy when brand new. If a strand is strung loosely, it’s a sign of poor quality. Freshly strung pearls may appear slightly kinked; they are strung tightly so that the silk has some room to stretch a bit as the pearls are worn.
Some jewelers will advise you to restring every year, which is usually not necessary. Our pearls are strung tightly using a fine Japanese thread specifically intended for pearls. It stretches less and is very strong. Therefore we recommend restringing only when the pearl thread shows signs of weakness, fraying or if it becomes too loose after frequent wear.
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