FAQ - A Man's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pearl Gift

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Three Easy Tips for a Man Choosing the Perfect Pearl Gift

Whether for your mother, grandmother, girlfriend, friend or bride, pearls are gifts that will always be appreciated. Selecting their ideal pearls from the rich variety available will demonstrate your thoughtfulness, and it needn't be a challenge if you follow these simple tips:

Tip #1 Playing Detective

Interview Her Friends and Relatives

Always enlist the help of friends and relatives. Make sure they know that this is a surprise gift, swearing them to a code of silence. They will be ready to divulge plenty of information regarding jewelry and pearl preferences. With a notepad and pen handy, start off by asking such questions as: "Does she borrow pearls from her friends and relatives? What color/variety/shape are they?", "What pearls does she pine for, when window shopping?", "Does she prefer earrings or necklaces?" This will give you some initial insight into her style and tastes.

Stake Out Her Room

Locate her jewelry box and inspect the jewelry inside. If you know which piece is her favorite, now is the time to take note of its unique qualities, including its color, size, and the metal type. Does her jewelry display a general style? Does she prefer light, delicate jewelry, or bold, chunky pieces? Most importantly, check if her jewelry box contains any classic white pearls. If not, this is a very good option. A woman should always own some simple white pearls.

In order to coordinate her jewelry and clothing, you will also need to investigate her closet. If you already know what her favorite clothes are, keep this in mind while browsing. Does she own more casual-wear or more formal? What is her general color scheme? Does she like bright and vibrant colors or more subtle?

Based on your findings, consider these suggestions:

If her favorite outfit is a pastel, fairly conservative number, then a strand of classic white pearls with matched stud pearl earrings would be a perfect option. For fashionistas and the ultra chic, look to black pearls; black Akoya, Freshwater or Tahitian. On the other hand, buy practically for a woman who owns mainly outdoor gear, starting with jewelry pieces that can be worn away from the hands, such as earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

Buying pearls for business executives is also easy, larger white and black pearls will make a powerful statement; or, for any woman with high class and financial independence, white and golden South Sea cultured pearls are sure to impress. If her clothes are very non-traditional, black as well as jewel-tone color pearls in greens, reds, and blues will be a wonderful addition to her jewelry box.

Tip #2: Size Matters

For a perfect gift, pay special attention to the pearls' size and the length of pearl strands.

Pearl Size

Pearls have a "sweet spot" at which they can complement many styles and color schemes, being neither too prominent nor too delicate. For Freshwater and Akoya cultured pearls, this size is in the 7mm-8mm range. This size is a great starting point for an average woman of around 5'6" and a dress size 10. Take note however that larger pearls are appropriate in many instances. They are perfect for formal occasions and evening events, for settings in earrings, rings, and pendants, and are also suitable to be worn in any form by the more mature woman. If you are looking to purchase larger pearls, try the Tahitian or the South Sea variety their sweet spot is in the 10mm-11mm and 12mm-13mm range respectively.

Bracelet and Necklace Lengths

While the most popular bracelet and necklace lengths are 7 inches and 16 inches respectively, you may discover that her preferred lengths are quite different once you have inspected her jewelry box.


Consider measuring her wrist for bracelet length. For a snug fitting bracelet, simply add a 0.25 inch to this measurement and round up to the nearest half centimeter. For a loose fit, ad 1 inch then round to the nearest half inch. You should also make sure to include the clasp in the final measurement for a true fit.

At the length of 16 inches, a pearl necklace should sit at the hollow of a woman's neck. However, if you believe that the 16 inch is not a suitable length, try measuring one of her favorite necklaces and adding a 0.5 inch to take account of the pearls' extra width. Also, take her clothing into consideration when choosing lengths a necklace should fall at least 1-2 inches below the neckline of her favorite clothes. Every inch lower that you want to necklace to fit, add another 2 extra inches to the total necklace length.

To take a look at how necklaces fall when worn you in our necklace length education.

Tip #3: Make It Personal

Most importantly, the pearls you are giving her represent the value that you put on your relationship. If you put in the time and thought it takes to select pearls that she will really love, your gift will directly reflect this.

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